Wolvey, Leicestershire.

2018 & Beyond

‚ÄčThe name 'Sticky Dickys' came from an inspiration, relating to Sticky vinyl and my name. Our popularity in the area boomed, picking up large customers alongside lots and lots of small businesses. The name was unforgettable, and the following year in 1995 I bought the only wide format 54" vinyl cutter in the area for cash !. My Dad & me built a factory in his yard for my business, and I moved into it in 1996.

I was a pioneer with the first 'Gerber Edge' full colour printer in this area, over 15 years ago in January 2000 ... and by 2008 I had achieved over 1100 customers in the book, creating shop signage, vehicle graphics, labels, banners, magnets, billboards, and more.

We are a family business and own our own business premises here at Wolvey.

This Year we are concentrating on our main product which is printing banners, trade boards and labels. We will always accommodate specials and vehicle livery, but we have found our niche with the three main items. This year will also undoubtedly mean more equipment purchases, more new building development here and a continued gradual progression. Again we are increasing our customer base steadily and welcome all existing and new clients. 2018 like old times, onwards and upwards.



I opened my sign shop in 1994 in a rented, refurbished railway building at Stoke Golding, a small village just outside of Hinckley.
I bought a 'Roland Camm 1' 610mm vinyl cutter and set about advertising with an 'A' board outside the building. 

Contact: 01455 220497